Qualities You Must Have Before You Start Your Own Internet Business

It takes only a few things to find yourself reading this article, you have a computer, an internet connection and perhaps a curiosity or desire to start a business online. The bad news is that you may want to know that not all internet businesses are successful, in fact about 97% of the internet businesses do not survive after the fifth year.

Even though you may think that it’s much easier to come online to make money but it is not as easy as it seems. You need to be willing to invest time, effort and maybe a little money to make the magic happen. Besides, you must have the ability to motivate yourself to move forward even when things do not seem going as plan.

Don’t come online thinking that you can become a millionaire within a few months, often you will be disappointed. Success doesn’t happen overnight. There are a lot of things that you will need to learn and there are so many things happening online that you need to constantly keep yourself updated. You must definitely have the strong desire to succeed.

Here are qualities that you must have before you can even try to start a business online.

Make decisions quickly after doing some research, of course. Successful people make decisions quickly and they don’t regret them. Even when they failed, they learn a lesson out of it, ensure themselves that they won’t make that mistake again. Being able to be decisive also means that you procrastinate lesser, do or die attitude is one of the critical factor to be successful.

Being able to create dreams, set up reasonable goals is another quality you need to possess. Without a dream, there’s nothing you will want to work towards to. Like a ship going to another place, without a destination, the ship will be easily lost in the large ocean, in this case, it’s a large ocean of websites. Setting up reasonable goals will help you to move forward towards your dream, little by little, day by day, and finally, you will certainly fulfill your dreams.

Discipline, self motivation and determination, these are the inner qualities that you need when you have days when you feel it’s so tired and you don’t feel like doing anything at all. You will think it’s alright to rest just for a day. Yes, you need to take a break if you must but be careful don’t make it a habit. It’s easy to get distracted when you work from home, there are television, your kids, your pet, anything can easily be your distraction. For a period of time, it’s my email, I check them every half an hour, that is very unproductive.

Pay attention to details because they may cost you dearly if you don’t. You know those fine lines that are written when you received banks’ promotions? They are the ones that caused you to feel unfair when anything bad happens. Pay close attention to your business and read every words presented on a website that you came across, whether if it’s a sales page or a business proposal. Hire somebody to do that for you if you are not that type of person that will read everything before you sign or make that decision.

Create your own game plan, treat it like a game, a serious game. You need to have a plan which will show you what to do and by when you must complete them. You should have the basic things like your goals, objectives, strategies, Plan B and maybe an exit strategy.

It is true that you can set up websites easily with lesser time and money, compared to a traditional business. That doesn’t mean that you should treat it like a hobby. Set aside some time for your business and don’t allow anyone to disturb you, not even your grandmother. You have to let them know that you are working.

Thank you for reading this article and hope that you will be able to create a successful legitimate work from home business for yourself.

Use Coupons, Giveaways, Competitions and Gift Certificates to Market Your Pet Sitting Business

Marketing your pet sitting business doesn’t have to be confined to online and offline advertising and directory listings. You can also use coupons, giveaways, competitions and gift certificates to make sure that your pet sitting business comes out on top.

I. Coupons

Hardly anyone can resist a deal and that’s exactly what you should bet on when using coupons. Coupons can mean more pet sitting business and higher ad conversions even if it seems like you’re losing money on the surface. To run a successful coupon campaign, consider offering between a 20-25% discount on the initial pet sitting visits that are booked by your customers. Any lower than that percentage, and responses will likely be lackluster. Any higher and potential pet sitting customers may perceive that your pet sitting service has little value or that you don’t offer a reliable quality service.

Offer coupons after the finalization of a sale or in advertisements or marketing materials. You may also get a little creative by offering them on the back of your pet sitting business card, on your website or in your customer newsletters.

II. Giveaways

A great way to increase pet sitting business is to simply give your service away for free. Although it may sound backwards, the reality is that giveaways can give your pet sitting business a lot of exposure and good publicity. You may decide to randomly offer free services to someone who you’ve identified as a fence-sitter, or someone who hasn’t yet decided whether or not they want to try your services. If your customer is satisfied, it’s likely that they’ll spread the word about your pet sitting business. At the very least, the possibility of getting more free services may increase interest in your business. Your giveaways don’t have to be full services, either. You may just offer to walk a dog or check in on an animal during an owner’s lunch break to prove that your services are valuable and worth the investment.

III. Competitions

People like competing for items that they perceive to be valuable. Starting a competition for one of your “deluxe” services or packages may generate interest in people who would otherwise not be interested in your “general” pet sitting services. Requiring entrants to provide personal information to participate in the contest can also result in invaluable target market information that can help you deliver newsletters and marketing materials to people who have already shown interest in your pet sitting business.

III. Gift certificates

Making gift certificates available on your pet sitting website is a sure way to increase your chances of winning new clients. Gift certificates allow satisfied customers to share their positive experience of the service with their friends, family or associates by purchasing a voucher that can be redeemed for the same experience. While blank gift certificates can be purchased at office supply stores, it’s best to splurge on custom gift certificates, since they reduce the risk of forgery and give potential clients the impression that your business is professional. Make sure to make gift certificates visible during the holidays when customers are already searching for gifts to purchase.

Help With Starting a Small Business

Big or small, a business brings lot of responsibility as well as risks with its. Starting a business is not a child’s play. It requires the same amount of hard work as involved in starting a big scale business. As an owner of small business, you have to face many challenges in various arenas. A small business whether in retail, wholesale, industrial, or manufacturing units, the businessman need to plan accordingly to achieve the set goals to exist in the competitive market.

Networking: The Foremost Step

Apart from the other steps involved for starting a small business, networking is the foremost step that should be followed. Networking means expanding your network of friends and businessmen that could help you in starting the business. You can expand your network by-

Join the Chamber of commerce of your region. You can benefit from the advice of professionals.

Join a professional networking site. Through these sites you can become aware of the business world and opportunities beyond your local network.

Benefit from your current circle of friends and family. Talk to them about your new business and seek their advice, if necessary

Starting A Small Business

Starting a small-scale business requires planning, study of market, and knowing the competition. There are important points one should keep in mind to initially start a small business. These include-

Selecting the best opportunity:

Among the various opportunities, you need to select the best opportunity. You can create as well as choose an existing business idea.

Prepare a business plan: After finalizing on the kind of business, the next step is to prepare a well-crafted business plan. You should gain complete knowledge about the market and investment required while preparing the business plan.

Financing: A small business is usually funded through family/friends, banks, and financial institutions. Each of these options need some degree of authority or guarantee over the money that is being lend.

Opting business structure: You need to choose a legal structure for your business. You can run your business as a sole proprietor or can be a part of partnership or Limited Liability Company.

Registration: Business registration involves paper work, which lays down the different rules, and regulations that are to be followed while commencing it. Along with this, always keep a back up for your business by opting for small business insurance.

Accounting and bookkeeping: Right from the start, regularly keep the records of accounting in order to avoid any type of future financial crisis.

Financing a Business: Various Options

After the business plan and idea for starting a small business is finalized, the next question arises for arranging funds. Before arranging, calculate how much capital is needed and then look out for various options available. Being a small-scale business, your first dependency is on your personal savings. Other options available are investors and banks. But the financial institutions and investors will always ask for a share in the management and profits. Moreover, you may also need to submit collateral as a back up for the money borrowed.